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dental use disposable plastic protective sleeves cover sheat

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Min.Order Quantity: 1000 /Packs

Supply Ability: 50000 /Kilograms per Month

Port: Shanghai

Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union

FOB Price: USD$

Disposable Dental plastic full chair cover, half chair cover, plastic dental chair cover

C13 Plastic cover for headrest -1 Disposable,HL-6571
10"x11" ,250PCS/BOX, 12BOXES/CTN 0.06CBM
Plastic cover for headrest-2 Disposable,HL-6572
10"x14" 250PCS/BOX, 12BOXES/CTN 0.06CBM

C14 Plastic cover for full chair-1 Disposable HL-6574
29" x80" (thick) 125PCS/BOX , 3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM
Plastic cover for full chair-2 Disposable HL-6575
48"x56" 125PCS/BOX 3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

Plastic cover for full chair-3 Disposable HL-6576
29" x80" (thin) 125PCS/BOX3BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

C15 Plastic cover for instruments tray-1 Disposable HL-6568
11-5/8" x 16" 500PCS/BOX6BOXES/CTN

Plastic cover for instruments tray-2 Disposable HL-6569
10-1/2" x 14" 500PCS/BOX6BOXES/CTN

C16 Plastic cover for X-ray machine tip Disposable HL-6577
15" x26" 250PCS/BOX4BOXES/CTN

C17-1 Plastic cover for high speed Handpiece Disposable,HL-6566
1"x8" 550pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM

C17-2 Plastic cover for low speed Handpiece Disposable,HL-6565
1-1/2"x8" 500pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM 36x30x24cm

C18 Sleeve for air+water syringe Disposable,HL-6562
-Blue 2-1/2"x10" 500pcs/box36boxes/ctn 0.042CBM

C19 Plastic cover for half chair-1 Disposable,HL-6563
Clear, 2-1/2"x10" 500pcs/box 36boxes/ctn

Plastic cover for half chair-2 Disposable HL-6573
27-1/2" x24" 250PCS/BOX3BOXES/CTN

C20 Plastic cover for 3way syringe Disposable HL-6578
7-3/10" x5" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 0.043CBM

C21 Plastic cover for SCALER Disposable HL-6579
1-3/5" x 8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C22 Plastic cover for Mouth Mirror Disposable HL-6564
1-1/2"x8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C23 Plastic cover for light handle Disposable HL-6567
4" x 5-3/4" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C24 Plasti cover for Digital X-ray sensor Disposable, HL-6581
2-1/2" x 10" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 50x32x31cm

C25 Plasti cover for X-ray Sensor Disposable, HL-6582
8"x 1-5/8" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN 40.5 x30x21cm

C26 T-style light handle sleeve Disposable, HL-6583
6"x 2-9/10" 500PCS/BOX 36BOXES/CTN

C27 Intral Oral camera Sleeve HL-6580,
6-layer of advanced design 100pcs/box 36boxes/carton



Below Other plastic dental sleeves and covers for your reference :


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