CR-W23 Armpit Use Clinical Thermometers

CR-W23 Armpit Use Mercury Clinical Thermometers
For Armpit use to test body temperature, yellow or blue background, easy to look and read the value.
Temperature Range : 35°C-42°C in Celsius Scale or 95°F - 108°F Fahrenheit Scale.
Sense Medium : Mercury Liquid
Size : Length 110-V-5mm. Diameter about 5mm

CR-W23 Armpit Use Mercury Clinical Thermometers For testing body temperature

L/M/S Clinical Thermometer for Armpit use(Large size)℃.℉;

Temperature range:35-42℃ or 96-106F


Individual pack: 1pc/plastic cover

12pcs/small box

120pcs/middle box


Measurement of Carton:L : 55x30x21cm

G.W.:15 /13Kg

M,S: 48.5x28x21CM

 G.W.: 13/11kgs


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